MIT Technology Review


Using Your Ear to Track Your Heart

Although smart watches and fitness bands are proliferating on wrists, there could be an even better spot on the body for wearable tech.

LCD Hacking Trick Could Make Virtual Reality More Real

Stacking components from two LCD panels more than doubles the pixel density of a video display.

Amazon’s Zocalo Cloud Service Casts a Shadow over Startups

Amazon’s file-synching and collaboration service, Zocalo, adds a big player to an already-crowded market.

Travel App Can Recommend Places by Looking at Them

Software that counts dogs, martini glasses, and mustaches in Instagram photos provides a novel way to rate businesses.

Will Virtual Reality Reshape Documentary Journalism?

One documentary filmmaker believes an immersive experience will make a more lasting impression on audiences.

Facebook’s Emotional Manipulation Study Is Just the Latest Effort to Prod Users

With emotion-triggering effort, Facebook pushes beyond data-driven studies on voting, sharing, and organ-donation prompts, to make people feel good or bad.

Smart Home Devices Need to Get a Lot Smarter

Imagine a dishwasher that requires a username and password. Smart homes will require unprecedented effort to ensure not just security but also usability.

Fake Followers for Hire, and How to Spot Them

It’s possible to buy a good reputation on the Internet for a modest price, but some are trying to put an end to that.

Ray Kurzweil Says He’s Breathing Intelligence into Google Search

Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil says work is under way at Google to apply his theory of intelligence to understanding online information.

Aereo Ruling Means Uncertainty for Cloud Streaming Services

The Supreme Court’s decision was tailored narrowly, but it may provide openings for lawyers to argue that other forms of mass Internet streaming violate copyright.