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Microsoft's Plan to Bring About the Era of Gesture Control

Apple might have made the touch screen ubiquitous, but Microsoft thinks hands-free interfaces will be just as big.

Microsoft Wants You to Educate Its Virtual Assistant

Microsoft says the AI systems behind its new personal assistant will allow it to quickly become much smarter as more people use it.

Perspective on 10 Breakthrough Technologies

Mobile Collaboration

The smartphone era is finally getting the productivity software it needs.

The Myth of a Free Internet

A 2001 essay warned ­advocates of free expression not to delude themselves into thinking the Internet can never be controlled.

For Project Ara, It’s Module—Not App—Ideas Wanted

It’s still early days for Google’s modular smartphone effort, but developers and enthusiasts are already thinking about the swappable components they may build.

A Better Breed of News App

Mobile news curation uses human editors and good design to improve the experience of reading the news on smartphones.

Review: Dropbox’s Carousel Photo-Sharing App

Dropbox’s new photo app, Carousel, is smartly designed, but that won’t ensure success.

The Underappreciated Ties Between Art and Innovation

Author Sarah Lewis discusses some counterintuitive pathways to breakthroughs.

Startup Makes One App Run on Many Screens

Conductr wants to help developers make apps that will spread out across multiple devices, taking advantage of all your display real estate.

Three Questions for Eugene Kaspersky

It’s only a matter of time before more cyberweapons emerge, says the founder of the Moscow-based computer security firm Kaspersky.