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Microsoft's Plan to Bring About the Era of Gesture Control

Apple might have made the touch screen ubiquitous, but Microsoft thinks hands-free interfaces will be just as big.

This Headline Is One of Many Experiments on You

The furor over a Facebook experiment suggests that few people realize how often Web companies test out new product features on them.

The Right Way to Fix the Internet

Letting go of an obsession with net neutrality could free technologists to make online services even better.

Future Smartphones Won’t Need Cell Towers to Connect

Qualcomm, Facebook, and other tech companies are experimenting with technology that lets smartphones use their LTE radio to connect directly to other devices up to 500 meters away.

Smartphone Movements Could Reveal Empty Parking Spots

Researchers say “pocketsourcing” could let you find parking spots easily, without requiring cities to add spot sensors.

The Apple Watch May Solve the Usual Smart Watch Annoyances

Apple’s first smart watch seems like the best of its kind so far, but the user experience is still a little unclear.

Google Glass Can Now Track Your Stress Level

A new way to track heart and breathing data, demonstrated with Google Glass, could heighten interest in wearable sensors.

Networked Home Gadgets Offer Hackers New Opportunities

Connected appliances such as TVs can provide hackers a way into your house.

A Path to Better Smartphone Cameras

A Canadian startup turns to software to improve the quality and reduce the size of smartphone cameras.

Hackers Are Homing in on Hospitals

Computer criminals are increasingly capturing valuable information stored on hospital computer networks.

A Chip for Longer-Lasting Wearable Computers

Batteries for smart watches and other wearables never last long. A new microchip design could change that.