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Microsoft's Plan to Bring About the Era of Gesture Control

Apple might have made the touch screen ubiquitous, but Microsoft thinks hands-free interfaces will be just as big.

Review: Dropbox’s Carousel Photo-Sharing App

Dropbox’s new photo app, Carousel, is smartly designed, but that won’t ensure success.

The Underappreciated Ties Between Art and Innovation

Author Sarah Lewis discusses some counterintuitive pathways to breakthroughs.

Startup Makes One App Run on Many Screens

Conductr wants to help developers make apps that will spread out across multiple devices, taking advantage of all your display real estate.

Three Questions for Eugene Kaspersky

It’s only a matter of time before more cyberweapons emerge, says the founder of the Moscow-based computer security firm Kaspersky.

Many Devices Will Never Be Patched to Fix Heartbleed Bug

Home automation systems and networking equipment vulnerable to a major encryption flaw are unlikely to be fixed.

Messaging App Adds an Assistant to the Conversation

Emu mines your conversations and smartphone sensors to add helpful details to messages.

Pay with Your Fingerprint

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone that can use a fingerprint to authorize payments in stores and online.

Microsoft Builds a Digital “Monkey” to Hunt Fraudulent Ads

A new tool roots out ads that are too easy for users to accidentally click.

A Smart Wristband with Swappable Parts

Startup Mighty Cast thinks teens may want a wearable computer with modular components.

Coming Soon: Android Apps for Wearable Devices

Developers and designers are now building apps for Google’s smart watch platform.