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How Solar-Based Microgrids Could Bring Power to Millions

Millions of the world's poorest lack power. Microgrids could be a clean-energy solution.

New Nuclear Fuel Could Boost Reactors, But Also Safety Worries

A new fuel rod design will be tested in a full-size reactor, but some worry it could bring fresh safety problems.

A Promising Step Toward Round-the-Clock Solar Power

A simple, cheap device turns sunlight into hydrogen fuel.

U.N. Predicts New Global Population Boom

A new study says the population could hit 12 billion by 2100, though it doesn’t take into account the effects of climate change, food shortages, disease, or conflict.

Turbocharging Photosynthesis to Feed the World

A faster enzyme for turning CO2 into sugar is a key step toward much higher crop yields.

Motorized Pants to Help Soldiers and Stroke Victims

A soft, lightweight exoskeleton developed at Harvard applies assistive force without interfering with a person’s normal gait.

Cheap Natural Gas Boosts Manufacturing

Companies that use natural gas as a raw material find the U.S. an increasingly attractive place to be.

Mother Machines

A California factory recently built by Japanese-German firm DMG Mori Seiki makes the case for the future of U.S. advanced manufacturing.

Construction Begins at a Carbon-Capture Plant, but Will It Ever Be Completed?

A FutureGen project in Illinois aimed at capturing carbon dioxide from a rebuilt coal power plant is threatened by a lawsuit and a deadline.

Surging Carbon Dioxide Shows Clean Tech Failure

Record levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide reflect a healthier economy, cheap fossil fuels, and the absence of effective carbon-reducing policies.

A Super-Strong and Lightweight New Material

Nanostructured ceramics could be used to build lighter, stronger airplanes and batteries.