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Why We Can't Solve Big Problems

Has technology failed us?

Smart Headlight Illuminates the Road without Blinding Other Drivers

Computerized headlights could eliminate glare from oncoming cars while improving visibility.

A Grand Quest to Create Virtual Life

The creator of a much-loved game for nurturing virtual creatures is developing a new playpen for more advanced beasts.

Technology Stalled in 1970

Peter Thiel says he’s trying to get entrepreneurs to go after bigger problems than the ones Silicon Valley is chasing.

How Human-Robot Teamwork Will Upend Manufacturing

Robots are starting to collaborate with human workers in factories, offering greater efficiency and flexibility.

Smartphone Movements Could Reveal Empty Parking Spots

Researchers say “pocketsourcing” could let you find parking spots easily, without requiring cities to add spot sensors.

Intel Says Laptops and Tablets with 3-D Vision Are Coming Soon

Your next laptop or tablet may have 3-D sensors that let it recognize gestures or augment a real scene with virtual characters.

The Apple Watch May Solve the Usual Smart Watch Annoyances

Apple’s first smart watch seems like the best of its kind so far, but the user experience is still a little unclear.

Can a Website Help You Decide to Have a Kid?

A startup called Cloverpop wants to help you make life’s pivotal decisions.

A Nimble-Wheeled Farm Robot Goes to Work in Minnesota

The latest in autonomous farming is a robot that weaves between corn stalks, applying fertilizer as it goes.

Datacoup Wants to Buy Your Credit Card and Facebook Data

Datacoup will pay for your online data, then use it to provide insights on consumer behavior.