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Why We Can't Solve Big Problems

Has technology failed us?

Confessional in the Palm of Your Hand

Sure, people say some nasty things in anonymous apps, but the good far outweighs the bad.

Vast Grassroots Mobile Network Grows at Center of Hong Kong Protests

Protestors are turning to mobile messaging apps that can work without requiring cell service or Internet connections – but data security is still weak.

Saying Hello to Ello, an Ad-Free Facebook Alternative

A social network avoids ads and elevates design.

EmTech: Qualcomm Working to Build Artificial Intelligence Into Smartphones

Future smartphones could have specialized hardware that uses simulated neurons to do things like recognize objects or faces.

Future Smartphones Won’t Need Cell Towers to Connect

Qualcomm, Facebook, and other tech companies are experimenting with technology that lets smartphones use their LTE radio to connect directly to other devices up to 500 meters away.

Pirate Favorite BitTorrent Offers a New Way to Pay for Music

A new “bundle” format turns the file-sharing network BitTorrent into a way to pay for music and other content.

Three Questions with the CEO of D-Wave

The CEO of quantum computing startup D-Wave says its machines are helping companies analyze Wall Street data and search for new cancer drugs.

Radio Waves Offer Cheap Gesture Detection on Smartphones

Researchers say it’s possible to identify gestures around a phone by analyzing interference in the wireless signals it transmits.

EmTech: IBM Tries to Make Watson Smarter

IBM executive says Watson could find success with commercial apps in wealth management, call centers, and medicine.

An App That Wants You to Actually Talk on Your Phone

Talko, a new app from productivity-software pioneer Ray Ozzie, aims to improve phone calls at work and, perhaps, at play.