MIT Technology Review



Rebooting Manufacturing

Smarter, safer robots could expand automation to new areas of ­production work and help many manufacturers regain a competitive edge against those using low-cost labor.

Robots That Learn Through Repetition, Not Programming

A startup says getting a robot to do things should be less about writing code and more like animal training.

Smart Headlight Illuminates the Road without Blinding Other Drivers

Computerized headlights could eliminate glare from oncoming cars while improving visibility.

Massive Internet Outage Points to Flaws in Policy and Technology

Time Warner Cable’s 11.4-million-customer broadband blackout was one of the largest to affect U.S. customers.

A Headset Meant to Make Augmented Reality Less of a Gimmick

A novel optical technique could overlay virtual imagery on the real world through a compact pair of glasses.

A Startup Hopes to Teach Computers to Spot Tumors in Medical Scans

Enlitic wants to make medicine smarter and faster with machine learning.

Researchers Hack Into Michigan’s Traffic Lights

Security flaws in a system of networked stoplights point to looming problems with an increasingly connected infrastructure.

Smartphone Newcomers Find Success in Markets with Room to Grow

Apple and Samsung still dominate globally, but smaller players are challenging in fast-growing markets.

Turning a Regular Smartphone Camera into a 3-D One

Microsoft researchers say simple hardware changes and machine learning techniques let a regular smartphone camera act as a depth sensor.

IBM Chip Processes Data Similar to the Way Your Brain Does

A chip that uses a million digital neurons and 256 million synapses may signal the beginning of a new era of more intelligent computers.

Black Hat: Most Smartphones Come with a Poorly Secured Back Door

A system designed to let carriers remotely install software on phones, or change their settings without a user noticing, is open to abuse.