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Rebooting Manufacturing

Smarter, safer robots could expand automation to new areas of ­production work and help many manufacturers regain a competitive edge against those using low-cost labor.

How Can a Civilian Plane Accidentally Be Shot Down?

It’s not certain whether Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was brought down because of mistaken identity, but it is plausible.

Startup Lets Offices Know Who Just Walked In

A Boston-based startup is helping companies track their employees around the office using wireless sensor beacons, to improve collaboration.

IBM: Commercial Nanotube Transistors Are Coming Soon

Chips made with nanotube transistors, which could be five times faster, should be ready around 2020, says IBM.

Aereo Ruling Means Uncertainty for Cloud Streaming Services

The Supreme Court’s decision was tailored narrowly, but it may provide openings for lawyers to argue that other forms of mass Internet streaming violate copyright.

With Fire Phone, Amazon Could Popularize Visual Search

The Fire Phone’s Firefly feature could make visual search easier, better, and more popular.

Statistical Tricks Extract Sensitive Data from Encrypted Communications

Research suggests that surveillance agencies could use statistical tricks to peek through the encryption that protects Web browsing.

Wearable Self-Tracking Tool Listens for Yawns, Coughs, and Munches

A new wearable sensor listens for sounds that betray your activity and mood.

Why Amazon Needs Its Own Phone

Mobile e-commerce is booming, and an Amazon phone will foster a captive customer base.

Digital Summit: 2014 Roundup

Innovations and ideas fueling our connected world.

Digital Summit: Microsoft Aims for Smartphones That Run for a Week

Rethinking smartphone software and battery design could make it possible for your handset to last much longer between charges.