MIT Technology Review



Rebooting Manufacturing

Smarter, safer robots could expand automation to new areas of ­production work and help many manufacturers regain a competitive edge against those using low-cost labor.

Ultraprivate Smartphones

New models built with security and privacy in mind reflect the Zeitgeist of the Snowden era.

SpaceX Brings a Booster Safely Back to Earth

The successful test of a soft touchdown demonstrates a capability that could cut the cost of space launches significantly.

An Easy Interface for the Internet of Things

Amid a wide range of new platforms to manage streams of data from the Internet of things, a simple version emerges that anyone can use.

Three Questions for iRobot’s CTO Paolo Pirjanian

The Roomba maker is working on technology that could enable robots to help with more household chores.

Why Google’s Modular Smartphone Might Actually Succeed

Google believes open hardware innovation could help it find industries and markets for its software and services.

Cheaper Joints and Digits Bring the Robot Revolution Closer

Efforts to build robot hands and humanoids more cheaply could make them affordable enough for businesses and even homes.

Say Hello to Microsoft’s Answer to Siri

Microsoft’s new personal assistant includes features found in Apple and Google’s own virtual helpers.

The Latest Chat App for iPhone Needs No Internet Connection

A startup’s software will let iPhone apps connect phones without the Internet.

What Zuckerberg Sees in Oculus Rift

Facebook acquired Oculus Rift because it believes virtual reality could be the next big thing after mobile.

How Advanced Mobile Networks Could Power Themselves

Cellular networks guzzle electricity and diesel fuel, but researchers are showing how new versions could be cleaner but still reliable.