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Genetically Modified Mice Could Be Tiny Landmine-Sniffing Heroes

Researchers have created mice that are 500 times more sensitive than usual to TNT. They could provide a cheap, fast way to find buried explosives.

Insect Farming Is Taking Shape as Demand for Animal Feed Rises

As the world grows hungrier for animal protein, insects could be the new way to feed livestock.

The History Inside Us

Improvements in DNA analysis are helping us rewrite the past and better grasp what it means to be human.

Could a Genetic Test Predict the Risk for Suicide?

Scientists are hunting for the genetic basis of suicide and developing suicide DNA tests.

Spotting Cancer in a Vial of Blood

He watched his brother die from a cancer no drug could cure. Now one of the world’s most renowned cancer researchers says it’s time for Plan B.

A Mouse with the Same Cancer as You

For $12,000, a company grafts a patient’s cancer into rodents and tests drugs on them.

Challenges Remain for Technologies to Fight Ebola

Efforts to contain Ebola in West Africa suffer from a lack of effective tools to treat and prevent the disease, although several are in development.

Chinese GMO Research Outpaces Approvals

The fact that China hasn’t approved any commercial GMO planting since 2009 reflects public fears.

Three Questions for J. Craig Venter

Gene research and Silicon Valley-style computing are starting to merge.

What Else Could Smart Contact Lenses Do?

Besides health tracking, contact lens technology under development could enable drug delivery, night vision, and augmented reality.

Modernizing the Medical Record

As medical data goes digital, patients gain power.