MIT Technology Review



A Cheap Material Boosts Solar Cells by 50 Percent

Researchers have found a way to augment ordinary silicon solar cells with a material called a perovskite.


U.S. to Develop DNA Study of One Million People

An Obama initiative seeks to channel a torrent of gene information into treatments for cancer, other diseases.


The Purpose of Silicon Valley

Capital and engineering talent have been flocking to seemingly trivial mobile apps. But would we really be better off if more startups instead went directly after big problems?


Sales of Bigger Cars Will Force Manufacturers to Stress More Fuel-Efficient Ones

Carmakers must also push out more of the cleaner vehicles to meet average fleet emissions standards.


Sniffing Radio-Frequency Emissions to Secure the Internet of Things

Monitoring the usual behavior of Internet-connected devices could make it possible to detect malicious activity.


BitTorrent Tests Websites Hosted in the Crowd, Not the Cloud

An experimental browser shows how peer-to-peer technology can serve up entire websites, not just individual files.


Advance Doubles the Longevity of High-Energy Electric Car Batteries

Researchers solve key challenges with energy-dense lithium-air batteries.


Why the Time Seems Right for a Space-Based Internet Service

New micro-satellite technology is enabling satellite Internet services that could reach billions of new users.


Hacking Payments


Can Mobile Money Conquer New Markets?

After great success in East Africa, mobile-phone wallet M-Pesa hit some bumps in South Africa.