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Other Interesting arXiv Papers (Week ending February 6, 2016)

The best of the rest from the Physics arXiv this week.


The Best of the Web This Week

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Seven Must-Read Stories (Week Ending February 6, 2016)

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Intel: Chips Will Have to Sacrifice Speed Gains for Energy Savings

A major technological shift is needed in the next few years if computer chips are to keep improving.


Luxembourg Wants to Lead the Way in Asteroid Mining

The tiny country has announced its enthusiasm for getting into the off-world resource-extraction business. Trouble is, that business doesn’t exist yet.


IBM’s Automated Radiologist Can Read Images and Medical Records

Software that can read medical images and written health records could help radiologists work faster and more accurately.


Better Brain Imaging Could Show Computers a Smarter Way to Learn

Using cutting-edge imaging to study the inner workings of our brains could lead to more powerful and useful machine-learning algorithms.


The Social Network Illusion That Could Turn This Election on Its Head

A study of the social networks between political donors suggests a new and fairer way of increasing campaign donations.


Will AI-Powered Hedge Funds Outsmart the Market?

Some hedge funds boast that AI algorithms make their trading decisions—but these systems might be more conventional than they seem.


This Football Helmet Design Promises to Protect the Brain, Not Just the Skull

Mechanical engineers have developed a new helmet design that tackles a key contributor to brain injury.