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SolarCity Shows Off Its New Modules; Now It Has to Manufacture Them

The leading installer of rooftop solar panels says it has achieved record efficiencies with its panels.


Martian Life Could Be a Biotech Bonanza

The discovery of briny water on the Martian surface has brought new optimism that life might exist on our neighboring planet.


Robot See, Robot Do: How Robots Can Learn New Tasks by Observing

Robot “training academies” could help industrial robots learn to perform complicated tasks by watching a human do them first.


How Brain Scientists Outsmart Their Lab Mice

To watch the brain work during navigation, scientists build computer-generated worlds for mice.


What Will Alphabet Be When It Grows Up?

To truly change the world, Google’s new holding company will need something that has eluded many previous industrial labs: an effective commercialization strategy.


Seeking New Markets, Companies Offer DNA Testing at a Loss

How much would you pay to know your genetic code? Some companies are willing to lose money to find out.


IBM Reports Breakthrough on Carbon Nanotube Transistors

Researchers say they’ve overcome a major manufacturing challenge standing in the way of commercially viable nanotube devices.


This Car Knows Your Next Misstep Before You Make It

Researchers trained a computer to recognize the behavior that precedes a particular maneuver.


Race for a New Grid Battery Hits a Speed Bump

A promising battery startup has run into problems commercializing its novel technology.


Trick That Doubles Wireless Data Capacity Stands Up in Cell Network Tests

Major wireless carriers have begun testing a technology that can double the capacity of any wireless data connection.