MIT Technology Review



Microsoft Making Fast Progress with HoloLens

In just a few months, the Microsoft wearable device that blends virtual reality with the real world seems to have gotten closer to becoming a commercial product.


Bitcoin Entrepreneurs Scramble to Appeal to the Masses

Uncertainty hangs over Bitcoin, but investors are betting hundreds of millions that it will change the world.


Why Tesla Wants to Sell a Battery for Your Home

Tesla launches a stationary battery aimed at companies with variable electricity rates and homes with solar panels.


A 3-D-Printed Implant Saves Lives

Doctors rescue boys by propping open their airways using stents made via 3-D printing.


Small Display Bedevils Some Apple Watch Apps

The 3,500 apps available for the Apple Watch show the device’s promise and pitfalls.


IBM Shows Off a Quantum Computing Chip

A new superconducting chip made by IBM demonstrates a technique crucial to the development of quantum computers.


A Warehouse Worker’s Best Friend—or Replacement?

Robots that work alongside warehouse workers could make online shopping even more efficient and eventually replace human employees altogether.


Online Fact-Checking Tool Gets a Big Test with Nepal Earthquake

An organization crowdsources the verification of rumors on social media in the Nepal disaster zone.


The Hackers’ New Weapons: Routers and Printers

Criminals are hijacking home and office routers and printersto help them overwhelm websites with traffic.


Smartphone Secrets May Be Better Than a Password

Researchers are investigating whether recalling text messages, calls, and Facebook likes could be a useful log-in strategy.