MIT Technology Review



Why the Time Seems Right for a Space-Based Internet Service

New micro-satellite technology is enabling satellite Internet services that could reach billions of new users.


Hacking Payments


Can Mobile Money Conquer New Markets?

After great success in East Africa, mobile-phone wallet M-Pesa hit some bumps in South Africa.


A Payment Upstart Still Trying to Catch On

Five years in, Dwolla’s trying to make a dent in the payment processing business dominated by big names like Visa and MasterCard.


Modern Money Compared

Payment apps are all the rage. But how well do they work?


A Closer Look at the Future of Money

A Bitcoin update, worthwhile further reading, and a list of upcoming events focused on payments, commerce, and banking.


New Technologies Can Change Payments and the Economy

Economist Simon Johnson examines how a “revolution in payments” could affect companies and communities.


Your Mobile Phone Is More Secure Than Your Visa Card

As mobile payments become more common, thieves will be more likely to target them.


Technology Repaints the Payment Landscape

As technology-driven payment ideas give cash a run for its money, the big winners could be established banks and credit card companies.


Starbucks Bets the Store on Mobile

The iconic coffee merchant built a payment app that quickly became the envy of retail. Can it recharge Starbucks’s growth despite new competition?