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Chinese Carmaker Is Testing Car-to-Car Communications

China’s leading carmaker is testing technology that would let vehicles communicate wirelessly with each other and with traffic signals.


As Patents Expire, Farmers Plant Generic GMOs

Monsanto no longer controls one of the biggest innovations in the history of agriculture.


Messaging App Weaves Smartphones Into an Alternative Internet

FireChat can link Android and Apple phones into a long-range communications network even when the cell network is down.


Keeping a Steadier Eye on Proteins

Scientists are now able to study the folding and unfolding of a protein over time, thanks to a new microscope device.


How to Help Self-Driving Cars Make Ethical Decisions

Researchers are trying to program self-driving cars to make split-second decisions that raise real ethical questions.


A Health-Tracking App You Might Actually Stick With

Researchers built a mobile health app that tracks your activity and eating habits so it can nudge you with goals that fit your routine.


Amazon Lays Out Its Vision for a Sky Thronging with Delivery Drones

To get its drone delivery service off the ground, Amazon must convince regulators to adopt its ideas for drone traffic control.


A Sensor for Logging People Traffic at the Gym or Café

Startup Density says its Internet-connected sensors can make it simple to count people all over your city.


With Nuclear Deal, India Looks to Iran for Natural Gas

Technology and geopolitics are driving ambitious deep-sea projects to provide clean energy to parts of the world that desperately need it.


Making Pig Fat into a Laser

Researchers have created self-contained cellular biolasers.