MIT Technology Review



Rethinking the Manufacturing Robot

A company that makes robots designed to work closely with humans has a new version that addresses the limitations of its first effort.


Google and Facebook Execs Question Government Desire for Encryption Backdoors

Privacy bosses at Google and Facebook say letting the U.S. government unlock encrypted customer data would make law enforcement less accountable.


Chinese Team Reports Gene-Editing Human Embryo

A research team finds that gene editing isn’t yet reliable enough to engineer the human species.


A Smartphone Eye Exam Service Launches in New York

A startup has a smartphone-assisted gadget that can determine your glasses prescription, with help from a remote optometrist.


White House and Department of Homeland Security Want a Way Around Encryption

The secretary for homeland security and the president’s cybersecurity advisor echo the NSA and FBI’s concerns about encryption.


Apple and IBM’s Plan to Make Smarter Health-Tracking iPhone Apps

Apple helped IBM create a service that can analyze medical data collected by iPhone apps, and could deliver personalized health advice.


Power to the People


Editing Human DNA


A Swiss Army Knife for Neuroscience

Neural probes that combine optics, electronics, and drugs could help unlock the secrets of the brain.


Machine Dreams

To rescue its struggling business, Hewlett-Packard is making a long-shot bid to change the fundamentals of how computers work.