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The Startup Meant to Reinvent What Bitcoin Can Do

A company given $21 million by leading Silicon Valley investors aims to extend Bitcoin’s functionality so it can power much more than just payments.


Cuba’s Internet Revolution Faces Economic and Political Realities

The new White House approach could help Cubans gain access to the Internet—but the question is whether the regime will play ball.


New Chip Points the Way Beyond Silicon

Germanium could be the next great chip material after silicon’s limits have been reached.


Happy Holidays from MIT Technology Review


The Mystery of Autism


Can Japan Recapture Its Solar Power?

The way the Land of the Rising Sun built and lost its dominance in photovoltaics shows just how vulnerable renewables remain to changing politics and national policies.


Teaching the Many, Rather than the Few

Four decades before the MOOC, a 1970 essay anticipates the potential boon of an education by computer.


The Cost of Trolling


The Troll Hunters

A group of journalists and researchers wade into ugly corners of the Internet to expose racists, creeps, and hypocrites. Have they gone too far?


Auras: There’s an App for That

A variety of new digital filters will make a photograph look vintage. The inauthenticity of the effect is irrelevant: it’s enough to evoke an audience’s sense of the past.