MIT Technology Review



New Titanium-Making Process Could Result in Lighter Aircraft

A new process could extend the use of titanium for lightweight, more fuel-efficient airplanes.


New Display Technology Lets LCDs Produce Princess Leia-Style Holograms

Startup aims to give mobile devices the power to display full-color holographic images and video.


Venture Capitalists Love Biotech Right Now

Scientific advances and new business models are spurring investor confidence in biomedical-related ventures.


Five Loopholes That Could Undermine Net Neutrality

“Open Internet” rules are on the verge of being approved in the U.S., but crucial details remain unclear.


A Smart-Watch Pioneer Has an Answer for Apple

As the Apple Watch casts a shadow across the smart-watch market, Pebble preps a wrist-worn gadget with a color e-paper display.


Programmable Chips for a More Powerful Web and Smarter Phones

Software upgrades that can change the circuitry of the silicon chips inside computing devices could make them more powerful.


Gadgets Are Getting Better at Fooling Your Sense of Touch

Touch feedback that’s more nuanced than a simple buzz could make virtual reality more real and cars safer.


Bitcoin-Inspired Digital Currency to Power Mobile Savings App

A nonprofit experiments with using digital currency to give poor teenagers their first experience of financial services.


Paper-Thin Lenses Could Shrink Cameras and Holographic Displays

Nanostructured sheets of silicon can bend light in unusual ways, eliminating the need for bulky lenses.


The Button That Does Whatever You Want It to Do

A simple but powerful app offers a “Do” button that can bend Internet services and gadgets to your will.