MIT Technology Review



Three Questions with Slack’s CEO

Slack wants to be an open, searchable home for all your work communication.


Are Telepathy Experiments Stunts, or Science?

Scientists have established direct communication between two human brains, but is it more than a stunt?


Solar Panels That Configure Themselves

A new solar power system is easy to add to a roof, and performs its own safety checks.


Apple Issues Strict Rules for the First Watch Apps

The release of Apple’s WatchKit yields more insight into how the company is tackling smart-watch issues.


Fidelity’s Oculus App Lets You Fly Through Your Investments

Brokerage giant Fidelity gives a glimpse of how virtual reality might be used beyond gaming.


The Search for Exceptional Genomes

They walk among us. Natural experiments, living ordinary lives, unaware that their genes may hold the clue to the next superdrug.


An Artificial Adhesive Outgrips the Gecko

Gecko-inspired adhesives can help humans climb and may provide a better grip for robotic arms in factories and in space.


Google’s Brain-Inspired Software Describes What It Sees in Complex Images

Experimental Google software that can describe a complex scene could lead to better image search or apps to help the visually impaired.


China Could Deliver on Its Carbon Promise Earlier than Expected

China may put a stop to growing carbon dioxide emissions earlier than expected, but how quickly they start coming down is also important.


Sensing Santander

In Santander, Spain, thousands of sensors measure traffic, parking, lighting and irrigation.