MIT Technology Review



Mobile Gadgets That Connect to Wi-Fi without a Battery

Simple devices that can link up via Wi-Fi but don’t need batteries could make it easier to spread computing throughout your home.


Using Your Ear to Track Your Heart

Although smart watches and fitness bands are proliferating on wrists, there could be an even better spot on the body for wearable tech.


Panasonic Agrees to Help Tesla Build Its Gigafactory

Panasonic support is crucial if Tesla is to make the world’s largest factory for making electric car batteries.


Chinese GMO Research Outpaces Approvals

The fact that China hasn’t approved any commercial GMO planting since 2009 reflects public fears.


Three Questions for J. Craig Venter

Gene research and Silicon Valley-style computing are starting to merge.


Adaptive Material Could Cut the Cost of Solar in Half

A new material, combined with a cheap tracking system, could unleash the promise of concentrated solar power.


A Batteryless Sensor Chip for the Internet of Things

A prototype sensor saves power by using transistors that never fully turn “on.”


Startup Wants You to Capture the World in 3-D

Mantis Vision is developing 3-D scanning technology that could end up in lots of tablets.


Why Household Gadgets Are Using Less Power

New research shows a decline in the electricity used by all the electronic devices in U.S. homes.


LCD Hacking Trick Could Make Virtual Reality More Real

Stacking components from two LCD panels more than doubles the pixel density of a video display.