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11 Gift Ideas for the Tech Lover on Your Holiday List

Take some of the stress out of holiday shopping with our guide to some of the coolest tech gifts you can buy (even if you’re feeling cheap).


How to (Really) Engineer a Human Baby

A global meeting in Washington, D.C., isn’t just about whether or not we should alter our species with CRISPR. It’s about how we can pull it off.


This Gadget Can Tell What’s Wrong with Your Air Conditioner by Listening to It

Augury’s gadget and iPhone app pay attention to ultrasonic sounds and vibrations to figure out what’s wrong with air conditioners and other big machines.


Your Doctor Doesn’t Want to Hear About Your Fitness-Tracker Data

Some patients are bringing troves of fitness-tracker data to their checkups, but the doctor might not find it all that helpful.


With This Genetic Engineering Technology, There’s No Turning Back

Designers of a “selfish” gene able to spread among mosquitoes say it could wipe out malaria, but the scientific community is at odds over whether or not we should do it.


A Closer Look at Funding Innovation


EMC Looks to TV for an Innovation Model

Tech giant EMC is trying a different method of funding innovative ideas.


Regulation Is on the Horizon for Equity Crowdfunding Sites

To many, equity crowdfunding represents an innovative solution to the challenge of funding new technology, but others see opportunity for fraud.


Google’s Research Boss on Turning Exploration into Products

Google’s head of research and machine intelligence says that the company turns breakthroughs in artificial intelligence into products faster than ever.


VC Reid Hoffman on VC’s Evolution

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor Reid Hoffman wants venture capital to adapt to an era in which startups must grow faster.