MIT Technology Review



Facebook Lets Developers Build on Its Chat App

Facebook hopes that adding functionality like video sharing and shopping to Messenger will help it grow even as competition rises.


Genome Study Predicts DNA of the Whole of Iceland

Large genome databases are starting to reveal critical health information—even about people who have not contributed their DNA.


Single-Dose Cures for Malaria, Other Diseases

A leading researcher issues a call for pills that deliver a full course of treatment in one swallow.


Amazon Robot Contest May Accelerate Warehouse Automation

Robots will use the latest computer-vision and machine-learning algorithms to try to perform the work done by humans in vast fulfillment centers.


Microsoft’s Wristband Would Like to Be Your Life Coach

Microsoft is working to combine biometric data collected by its new wristband with information from your calendar and contacts to make smarter observations.


Survival in the Age of Spotify

Two rock musicians find flaws—and hope—in a book that suggests how artists can earn a decent living even after free online access to music has ravaged the business.


A Closer Look at Persuasive Technology

Industry guide: resources and upcoming events.


Pretrial Technology

Lawyers are testing arguments and evidence online.


Persuasive Texting in Mozambique

Inspired by trials that used text messages to change behaviors, a U.K. charity tested whether it could persuade HIV-positive people to attend their appointments.


“Everything Is a Recommendation”

The next generation of online recommendation engines is less obvious, but more pervasive.