MIT Technology Review



Urban Jungle a Tough Challenge for Google’s Autonomous Cars

It may be decades before autonomous vehicles can reliably handle the real world, experts say.


Super-Dense Computer Memory

Researchers have discovered a new way to make chips that could pack terabytes into smartphones.


Prototype Display Lets You Say Goodbye to Reading Glasses

Researchers are developing technology that can adjust an image on a display so you can see it clearly without corrective lenses.


What Else Could Smart Contact Lenses Do?

Besides health tracking, contact lens technology under development could enable drug delivery, night vision, and augmented reality.


No Man’s Sky: A Vast Game Crafted by Algorithms

A new computer game, No Man’s Sky, demonstrates a new way to build computer games filled with diverse flora and fauna.


Could "Force Illusions" Help Wearables Catch On?

Researchers have made haptic interfaces that create the sensation of being pushed or pulled by an invisible force.


A Closer Look at Data-Driven Health Care

Industry resources, upcoming events, companies to watch, and a primer on reimbursement.


More Phones, Fewer Doctors

VC legend Vinod Khosla believes that medicine will go mobile and most doctors will be out of a job.


Big Money, Uncertain Return

Hospitals are spending billions collecting and analyzing medical data. The one data point no one is tracking: the payoff.


Big Pharma Opens Up Its Big Data

Normally super-secretive, pharmaceutical companies are opening up in the hopes of jump starting drug development.