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Coffee Shops and Home Routers Could Offer Nearby Phones a 4G Data Connection

Mobile chip company Qualcomm wants homes and businesses to set up their own open 4G hotspots just as they do Wi-Fi networks today.


How to Stop Virtual Reality from Making You Want to Puke

Stanford researchers are building a light field stereoscope in hopes of making it easier to add realistic focus cues to virtual reality.


How Ads Follow You from Phone to Desktop to Tablet

Advertisers are increasingly using technology that targets users across multiple devices, and it’s working.


Could This Machine Push 3-D Printing into the Manufacturing Big Leagues?

An emerging additive manufacturing technology could be fast and cheap enough to compete with conventional methods, but it faces materials-related challenges.


EPA Loses a Battle with Court Ruling, but Not the War

The Supreme Court’s ruling on mercury and other toxins could help the effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions.


A Cure for MERS (in Mice)

Genetically engineered mice treated for Middle East respiratory syndrome are disease-free, but it’s not yet clear if it will work for humans.


Supreme Court Decision Unlikely to Stall the Shift Away from Coal Plants

As market forces chip away at the coal industry, many plants are being repurposed as data centers, museums, and mixed-use neighborhoods.


At a Crossroads, Biofuels Seek a New Path Forward

New microbes and new techniques show promise for advanced biofuels, but the industry is still years away from real progress.


Three Questions for the CEO of Messaging App Line

How the Japanese company Line turns free messages into real revenue.


Is Now a Good Time to Meet Your New Virtual Assistant?

My virtual helper can be surprisingly lifelike, but she’s obsessed with meetings.