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Steve Jobs Lives on at the Patent Office

Years after his death, the former Apple CEO still wins patents.


A Zippier Way to Share Big Files?

Startup Keyssa wants to replace cords and connectors with speedy wireless transfer technology.


Google Glass Is Dead; Long Live Smart Glasses

Even though Google’s head-worn computer is going nowhere, the technology is sure to march on.


Why Apple Failed to Make Sapphire iPhones

The delicate, monthlong process of growing sapphire accounts for why Apple’s sapphire supplier failed to deliver for the iPhone 6.


Water-Repellent Coating Could Make Power Plants Greener

A startup has created a water-repellent coating that could significantly increase power plants' efficiency.


Simple Circuit Could Double Cell-Phone Data Speeds

A circuit that lets a radio send and receive data simultaneously over the same frequency could supercharge wireless data transfer.


Three Questions with Slack’s CEO

Slack wants to be an open, searchable home for all your work communication.


Are Telepathy Experiments Stunts or Science?

Scientists have established direct communication between two human brains, but is it more than a stunt?


Solar Panels That Configure Themselves

A new solar power system is easy to add to a roof, and performs its own safety checks.


Apple Issues Strict Rules for the First Watch Apps

The release of Apple’s WatchKit yields more insight into how the company is tackling smart-watch issues.