MIT Technology Review



Reality Check for Google’s Nanoparticle Health Tests

Google will face big challenges developing a nanotechnology-based test for cancer and other diseases.


Scientists Pursue Novel Blood Tests for Cancer

The inventor of a breakthrough DNA test for Down syndrome says the technology can be used to screen people for cancer.


Computers Could Talk Themselves into Giving Up Secrets

Malware might use a voice synthesizer to bypass some security controllers, researchers say.


Will a Breakthrough Solar Technology See the Light of Day?

A startup that might have a record-breaking solar cell is in danger of going out of business.


A Credit Card Terminal That Takes Apps

A former head of Google Wallet rolls out a “smart” terminal for all kinds of payments.


Blame the Weather for Last Year’s Rise in U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Carbon emissions have been trending downward, but not quickly enough to offset fluctuations in weather patterns.


Alert! Websites Will Soon Start Pushing App-Style Notifications

A new feature of most browsers will let them issue alerts through a PC or mobile operating system.


Your Retirement May Include a Robot Helper

As industrial robots become more capable, they could start helping out around the home.


Materials Trick Might Help Move Computers Beyond Silicon

Ferroelectric materials could take computing beyond digital logic.


SpaceX Plans to Start Reusing Rockets Next Year

SpaceX is building an ocean-based landing pad so that it can reuse its launch vehicles.