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A Shocking Way to Fix the Brain

Neurosurgeons hope to treat some of the most intractable mental disorders by putting advanced arrays of electrodes into patients’ brains.


A High-End Camera in a Small Package

Startup Light says its L16 will replace a fancy camera and lenses for a third the cost and fit easily into your bag, too.


Startup Incubator Y Combinator Opens Research Lab to Tackle Big Problems

The influential startup incubator is launching a research lab to work on problems too big for startups.


Take Free Online Classes, Get Course Credit at MIT

Passing a free online course isn’t as meaningful as taking the same class for credit on a college campus. But that could be changing.


India's Energy Crisis

Can India modernize its manufacturing economy and supply electricity to its growing population without relying heavily on coal—and quite possibly destroying the global climate?


Why Apple Pay’s Slow Start Doesn’t Mean It’s a Failure

Apple Pay may not have lived up to the hype created by CEO Tim Cook yet, but give it time.


#SolveMIT Coverage

News and views from Solve at MIT, where technologists, researchers, investors, and other leaders are sharing ideas on how to solve the world’s greatest problems.


Facebook’s Internet Drone Team Is Collaborating with Google’s Stratospheric Balloons Project

Google and Facebook are lobbying to alter international law to make it easier to provide universal Internet access.


Cuban Web Entrepreneur Endures a Murky Status

Clever business people like Hiram Centelles find ways to offer online services in Cuba despite tight restrictions. Will they flourish or be swamped by foreign competition when the communist island finally opens up?


Sachs Says UN’s Development Goals Should Inspire Technologists

Columbia economist says ambitious international goals are needed to avert big crises in the world.