MIT Technology Review



Smart Headlight Illuminates the Road without Blinding Other Drivers

Computerized headlights could eliminate glare from oncoming cars while improving visibility.


Solar City and Tesla Hatch a Plan to Lower the Cost of Solar Power

Tesla and Solar City say their vast manufacturing operations will make solar the cheapest source of electricity in the United States.


U.N. Predicts New Global Population Boom

A new study says the population could hit 12 billion by 2100, though it doesn’t take into account the effects of climate change, food shortages, disease, or conflict.


A Grand Quest to Create Virtual Life

The creator of a much-loved game for nurturing virtual creatures is developing a new playpen for more advanced beasts.


Technology Stalled in 1970

Peter Thiel says he’s trying to get entrepreneurs to go after bigger problems than the ones Silicon Valley is chasing.


Turbocharging Photosynthesis to Feed the World

A faster enzyme for turning CO2 into sugar is a key step toward much higher crop yields.


Radical New DNA Sequencer Finally Gets into Researchers’ Hands

A DNA sequencer the size of a cell phone could change where, and how, gene research occurs.


Motorized Pants to Help Soldiers and Stroke Victims

A soft, lightweight exoskeleton developed at Harvard applies assistive force without interfering with a person’s normal gait.


A Closer Look at Breakthrough Factories

Industry resources, upcoming events, and more data.


How to Build 3-D Printing

One of the most promising new manufacturing technologies still faces big hurdles.