MIT Technology Review



New Instrument Captures the Secret Lives of Cells

Instrument reveals, in unprecedented detail, what's going on inside cells.


A Practical Artificial Leaf Begins to Unfold

A new prototype that turns the sun’s energy into hydrogen fuel could point the way to commercially viable artificial photosynthesis.


Two Companies Close In on a Concussion Blood Test

A pair of companies say they’ve identified proteins that could lead to a blood test to quickly diagnose concussions.


DOE Attempts to Jump-Start Concentrated Solar

Researchers seek breakthroughs for a technology designed to make solar more efficient.


When Virtual Reality Collides with Reality, It’s Surreal

A Portland startup called Wild is combining virtual reality with elements of the physical world.


New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone

Drones are being used to capture video footage that shows construction progress at the Sacramento Kings’ new stadium in California.


Microsoft Says Programmable Chips Will Make AI Software Smarter

A new approach to powering AI software could produce artificial neural networks of “unprecedented size,” says Microsoft.


Touchpad Has 20,000 Sensors and Can Interpret 16 Touches at Once

Startup makes a touch- and force-sensitive surface that can transform itself into a piano or a painting canvas.


Tool Makes It Easier to Evade Online Censors

New software makes Web traffic that’s banned in places like China or Iran appear as ordinary Internet use.


Robots Learn to Make Pancakes from WikiHow Articles

Researchers at a European project are teaching robots to use written text to learn how to perform tasks.